Association of Mining Industry Human Resource Practitioners.

Since its formation in 1919, the Association has addressed numerous subjects of great interest and value to its members throughout the South African mining industry. AMIHRP recognises the dynamic environment facing all Human Resource Practitioners and acknowledges the meaningful role played by all South Africans in the transformation of the South African mining industry. The Association aims to contribute to the transformation of the landscape in which Human Resource Practitioners operate and have realised the huge demand for new thinking, changing roles and different approaches. AMIHRP re-affirms the objectives of the Association through the organisation of conferences, symposia and other social and networking events where ideas can be discussed and distributed throughout the South African mining industry.


  • To promote and advance the status and professional standing of the members.
  • To foster amongst the members an enterprising spirit necessary for the success of the Mining Industry.
  • To establish a forum for constructive discussion, communication and networking for t the benefit of the Members of the Association.
  • To safeguard and promote the interests of the mining industry employees in a manner that is best implemented to maintain job satisfaction and business efficiency.
  • To further and promote in the best manner possible the interests of the Mining Industry and the Communities within which the Mining Industry operates.
  • To ensure that the Association champions the transformation of the Mining Industry.
  • To enable Members of the Association to add value in the Mining Industry.
  • To monitor and report on any developments among the Mining Industry employees which may be unfavourable to the interests of Members of the Mining Industry or the general public.
  • To adopt and comply with the code of conduct of the South African Board of Personnel Practitioners.


  • To contribute towards a sustainable mining industry ” For a corporate strategy to live and work, people have to understand strategy and strategy makers have to understand people.”

Mission Statement

The Association of the Mining Industry Human Resource Practitioners is committed to:

  • Promoting, directing and sustaining professionalism and ethical conduct of Human Resource Practitioners in the Mining Industry in the interest of the members of the Association and the Mining Industry in general.
  • Facilitating the development of the Members of the Association through value adding interventions, to ensure that the members are always abreast of developments in the Human Resources Field and the Mining Industry in general.
  • Safeguarding the interest of the Mining Industry Human Resource Practitioners in general.