Mining Industry Human Resources
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Mining Industry Human Resources
Why join the Association?

1. Network opportunities
One of the biggest concerns with the development of women in mining is the lack of female mentors, coaches and even supervisors, who can assist in giving guidance to women. An association creates network opportunities with colleagues working at other operations and even other industries, that might be facing the same issues than you. They might even have solutions or proposals on how to deal with those issues.

2. Education opportunities
Members of AMIHRP is not only exposed to HR issues, but to the whole spectrum of mining related topics, such as health and safety, illegal mining, women in mining, labour law, organizational development, economics, personal development, the health and safety milestones, social and labour plans, and so we can carry on. Issues that one would not ordinarily be exposed to on a daily basis.

3. Raising pertinent issues/challenges
It creates a platform to raise and debate pertinent issues.

4. Sharing best practices
When challenges are raised and debated, it allows the parties to share best practice.

5. Allowing for inter mine visits
Once again, one is exposed to other industries, other ways of doing things, better ways of doing things.

6. Creating awareness
Corporates expect from their senior managers to be able to do environmental scanning, to understand the business as a whole, to have business acumen.

If anything, an association can open the horizons to its members, to create an awareness of what is happening outside of their small worlds.

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